Thursday, March 08, 2012

B-P: "Be Prepared!"

A nice link from Barron Barnett led me to this quote:
Then my idea that Scouting could be educative was strengthened also, through the following incident. General Lord Allenby was riding to his house after a field day when his little son shouted to him, "Father, I have shot you, you are not half a Scout. A Scout looks upward as well as around him - you never saw me." There was the boy, sitting up in a tree overhead; but far above him, near the top of the tree, was his new governess. " What on earth are you doing up there?" cried the General. "Oh, I am teaching him Scouting," she said. She had been trained at Miss Charlotte Mason's Collage for Teachers, and they had been using my book, Aids to Scouting, written for soldiers, as a textbook in the art of educating children.
That's Baden-Powell and he's speaking, in 1937, of events along about the turn of the century -- the 19th, that is, as it turned into the 20th. He's speaking to the origins of Scouting, and the appeal of being able to stand on your own two feet. RTWT.

(Great Moments in Scouting, 1909 edition: "...among the boys as they marched past, we found some groups of girls in Scout hats with staves and lanyards and haversacks, like the boys. 'Who are you?' we said. 'Oh, we are the Girl Scouts.' 'The devil you are!' 'No - Girl Scouts.'" Heh! See there, fellers?)

You can bet there are Scouts helping out in Southern Indiana and the other storm-struck areas right now. And you can learn a lot from 'em.

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Thank you for the Pine Tree Web info. Over the years I have run across a few notable Scouting resources that would like to share. I hope you and your readers enjoy them.

Boy Scouts Handbook by Boy Scouts of America

Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts