Thursday, March 08, 2012

If You Are Reading This...

...It means the power grid and communications infrastructure was not wiped out by a magnetic storm resulting from a huge solar flare on 6 March, huzzah! --It also means if you live very far North, you should hie yourself outdoors right now, as there's liable to be a wondrous aurora.

The flare itself wasn't aimed directly at our little ball of mud, but it will pass right near, like a near-miss with birdshot. Dammit, watch where you're pointing that thing! We (probably) lucked out this time, but we have to keep on rolling those eight-sided dice -- and fate always wins in the end.

What would you do if ol' Sol put the lights out? Me, I'm fillin' up every container in the house with water. And then I'd dig a latrine. -- And fort up. Cities are not gonna be safe places, a few hours in.


Shermlock Shomes said...

Me, I'm going next door to see how the neighbors are doing collecting my supplies.

Disaster Preparedness

Stuart the Viking said...

We had a rough couple of days where I work. An unexplained power outage, a dead NIC (network interface card) on a firewall and a few other this and thats. I'm not saying it was due to the solar activity, no way to prove that, but it sure is a damn coinkidink.


Blackwing1 said...

Solid overcast last night, but they're predicting partly-cloudy for tonight (here in Minnesnowta). I'm thinking of heading up to the water tower hill to see if anything can be seen through the light-pollution of the city if it's semi-clear.

Full moon, though, which doesn't help seeing the aurora.

Stretch said...

Will you and Tam be keeping score on the moving targets? Or will you just be salting them to trade to the unsuspecting?

Bubblehead Les. said...

So what Caliber for the next-door neighbor wannabe Looter?

And yes, ever since they moved in, I've been wondering if I need to be in Condition Orange, rather than Yellow.

Oh, FWIW, we check the same Ethnic Status on the Census Forms, so there's no Race Card being played here.