Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Also, Dammit

I am comin' down with something: dizzies off and on, exhausted, constant tinnitis, short-tempered, all my torn-up joints (knees, back) ache -- I've probably won the Inner Ear Infection Sweepstakes! Hooray!

In the old days, when I had a GP I knew, I'd just go in, he'd look me over and, if my guess was correct, I'd walk out with a 'scrip for Sure-Cure Mega-Antibiotic, 'cos he trusted me to take the whole course, and not breed stronger bugs by stopping as soon as I felt better. These days, if it gets bad enough, I'll trundle off to doc-in-a-box, where I'd better be on Death's sidewalk (or at least in front of the house next door to Death's) before they'll do anything at all, and it'll be some crummy almost-as-good.

Why is it the world gets crappier at the same time as my patience with it becomes steadily less?


Home on the Range said...

Oh no. . Tam and I were planning a girls day out Saturday. If you're not up to it, may I bring chicken soup (or a live chicken, some salt and some secret spells :-) OK, maybe not. But soup is good.

Keads said...

Oh, damm! I too feel your pain! I hope you feel better soon.

Oh, Brigid's live chicken stuff only works if the moon phase is correct and you have a pentagram or something drawn on the floor =)

Drang said...


Anonymous said...

So, how bad is it? Are the cats keeping thier distance, calculating your effective range w/ the new .380? B-) JohninMd(help)

Anonymous said...

You rang?

Hmm, have a seat. Have a fever? Any exudate? Recent URTI?

Sorry sounds like, probably viral induced, Otitis Media or Labyrinthitis. Treatment is generally limited to antihistamines though. (The joint aches are probably the viral illness that you never allowed to clear up because you're too busy being superwoman, and I'm not being facetious either, even though I'm desperately searching for my nomex underwear)

If you are getting exudate, can induce dizzyness just by moving your head, or it has been either a repeat episode or extended into weeks - get your butt to a doc-in-a-box right now young lady!

(having increased fluid in the ear-canal for extended periods can lead to permanent damage and vertiginous symptoms).

A bit of self-care prioritising please! Some of us rely on your pithy commentary on life to either make sense of it all (or at least to keep us employed cleaning coffee off our keyboards) you know.

Don said...

What Able said, doubled and re-doubled.