Thursday, April 04, 2013

Because Sometimes I Need The Reminder, Is Why


Able said...

I had to look closely just to see whether it was real. Why?

Well to us , in the mother country (well one of them) America has an 'unusual' habit, specifically that of stating the bloody obvious on TV and in films.

Picture: one ubiquitous action actor playing a spy. The action zooms into him running past Big-Ben to catch a red Double-decker bus before leaping off past a weirdly hatted 'Bobby' to call for assistance using a red telephone box/red post-box (depending on the urgency of the assistance needed) and .....

underneath will 'always' be a subtitle stating London "ENGLAND"?!*&%?

Why? Please explain

Able said...

I forgot to mention the sundry extras wearing either bowler-hats and/or flat-caps with attached whippet uttering phrases such as 'would one care to join Tristram and oneself for tiffin' or 'whatcha, guvnor care for a jellied eel apple'n'pears with the pain'n'strife, cor blimey'.

Is it 'really' that difficult too guess where? (that's bad enough but they do it for 'your own' country too)

Anonymous said...

If you'd ever seen London, Mississippi, you'd understand. :) Besides, it might be Belgium or something, furriners are sooo weird.

Keads said...

Or a corollary. "Objects in mirror are losing".

Windy Wilson said...

Which brings us to the Second Rule of Italian Driving, misnumbered by Raul Julia as the first rule:
"What's behind me does not exist."
(The First Rule is, "You are invisible to all the cars you see out that front windshield", but that isn't as funny.)