Sunday, April 07, 2013

Fail, Fail, Fail

     Looks like I could not write my way out of a paper bag.

     Yesterday's vast and indulgent headache screed was to explain how come it is I do not want -- nor can I use -- either medical advice or pity.*  The response was mostly the latter, with a little of the former by other means.  Please knock it off.

     Medically, if it's not quackery and it can be tried, I've tried it.  Dealing with big facial nerves and sinuses, the outcome could have been so very (very!) much worse -- trigeminal neuralgia (a/k/a "the suicide disease" 'cos that's what sufferers often do) with facial tics, for example.  The cause could have been way worse, too, including one obscure disease for which I found several blogs by sufferers planning to document their struggles....and none had more than two entries.

     Sure, it's no fun to have headaches and some of mine come with an especially large "NO."  But it is as if I'd avoided a horrendous and possibly fatal auto accident by running my car into a ditch.  I'm gonna gripe about having to call a wrecker but I'm alive.

     Comments are off until I can keep myself from using the term "you people" and being unduly harsh.

     (Went through this last April, too.)
* Or whatever softer synonym you people prefer; I'm refusing it no matter the label.  Wow, I'm damn sorry I ever brought this up.  I just wanted to be able to vent without having to reply to messages asking if I had tried colloidal yogurt acupuncture or some bizarre high-five over something I have no choice about.