Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Slow News Day; Officer Bisard Scores A 0.22

     A 0.22 BAC, and he was driving?  Suspended IMPD Officer David Bisard shows how it's (not) done.  That's strictly for professionals, kids; don't try it on the roads -- or even safe at home.  This latest number comes after blood analysis work was completed.

     He is still behind bars, locked up "for his safety" with another officer accused of wrongdoing. (!) Prosecutors are asking to have his bond revoked on the charges from his 2010 crash.

     He's done worse to himself than opposing counsel could ever do.

     And how sad is it when he's the go-to story on a day when I haven't the least notion what to write?

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Dave in Indiana said...

News out of the Fort says the Allen County Sheriffs Department has been notified of intent to keep him in custody until trial in October.