Friday, April 05, 2013

It's All Blogfodder

     Hey, This Is Not My Beautiful Starship:

     ...I woke up at 0330 yesterday, to take the coworker who is part of the inspiration for "Conan the Objectivist" at I Work On A Starship to the hospital for some (planned!) major surgery.  He came through it just fine and last I knew last evening, was propped up in bed, enjoying modern calf-massaging hospital socks* for entertainment and a delicious selection of clear liquids for dinner.  They have television but as usual, the "brightness" control doesn't make it any less dimwitted.

     The hospital itself is brand new and amazingly plush, with decorative (custom?) pressed glass panels (transparent, bubbly sea-green with a botanical motif) and dividers, paneling in the public spaces, terrazzo  floors, a nice little eatery (we do not say "cafeteria" these days) and a soaring five-story open lobby level cribbed from 1930s SF movies, right down to freaked-out lampposts defining hall-like areas from lounge-like areas while providing gently indirect illumination.  If you've got to be in hospital, there are worse ones to be in.
* Yes, the open-toed pressure socks of yore have been automated out of a job, or at least relegated to the minor leagues.
*   *   *

     Fun Things To Try In Your Spare Time:

     Google Poetics turns Google autocomplete suggestions into found poetry, with occasional impressive results.  Hey, why not?  --Progress has out-Warholed Warhol.


Old NFO said...

Glad things came out well...

Robert Fowler said...

One of our hospitals built a new maternity wing a few years ago. A nice 3 story with a open lobby and a 3 story waterfall. It never fails when I have to go there, I leave needing a potty break.

Shermlock Shomes said...

Oh Christ, he's up at the "Taj" on North Meridian. Wait until he gets the bill. Until IU bought the University Place Hotel across from the IU Hospital down here on Michigan Street, it was my intention to save money and rent a room for my convalescence and have the docs/nurses come over to see me using the suspended walkway between the two buildings. I was also going to hire hookers to give me sponge baths. They're cheaper than what they charge for the help in a hospital and there's always a promise of a happy ending.