Saturday, April 20, 2013

Drying Out

      That's what the basement is doing.  I ran the sump pump until right before leaving-for-work time, coiled up the hose and power cords, and by the time Tam was back from the doctor,* the floor drain was draining.  I left the dehumidifier on "always on."

     The basement was still pretty damp when I got home from work, but aside from a laundry basket that had ended up in a low spot, things were drying out.

     There's one rainstorm, and it was a doozy, with record flooding to the North of Indy -- Kokomo and Elwood were claiming it was the worst ever.  I don't know about that; photographs of the flooding in 1913 look even worse.  But it's awfully close.

     Here's hoping we don't get rainfall for quite that long and at that rate very often. 

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Dave H said...

The 1913 flooding may have looked more impressive, but with all the building that's gone on everywhere in the past 100 years, this year's flood has probably done more damage.