Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Ad Slogan This Year

     "Awesome is a color.  We wear it every day."  --That's the tagline for tactical-geekette Espionage Cosmetics, and who's gonna argue when the CEO and Marketing Director's a Marine?  The colors are kinda super and I'm inclined to spend my makeup money with any firm that calls its principals "...the undefeated babes of baddass"


Anonymous said...

You don't need it. To use it would be "... gilding the lily...".


Anonymous said...

They have a Browncoats Collection. You want this. A lot.

Mike James

PS cool verification word you had, "Therynth". Sounds like some creature from mythology, doesn't it?

Old NFO said...

NOT going to argue... With you OR them! :-)

Roberta X said...

Aw, Mike, that's sweet!

(It takes rather a lot of work -- Tam is blessed with very good skin. Me, not so much.)