Monday, April 01, 2013

Tam Is ILL

     Could be norovirus: can't keep food down, muscle aches, no energy.  Also no fever and no redness at the surgery site on her nose, or I'd be taking her to hospital right now, probably over her objections.

     Stomach virus, not really anything we needed around here.


Squeaky Wheel said...


I had that at the end of January.

Gatorade, saltines when she can, lots of chicken broth and other liquids with some nutrition. If you can get some Phenergan (most doctors will prescribe it over the phone, since it's not a controlled substance), do. It will help immensely.

I hope she feels better!

Fred said...

I was wondering, not like her to miss a day without some snarky excuse.

Get better!

Hat Trick said...

Pass along my wishes for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

So, I no sooner ask for blessings on your house and the next you know Rossholme is struck with plague.

I'll just shut up now.