Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tam's Better And I'd Like To Strangle Her

     What with one thing (worked late to make up for the morning's Dr. appointments, Mom's printer had blown a gasket and she needed to be talked through resetting it over the phone) and another (barfing roommate, cat hork on the couch), I didn't get to bed until very late and woke up well after six, to the sound of Tamara emptying the dishwasher, and even then I did not wake up far.

     RX: [eyes shut against the dazzling brilliance of a 15-Watt incandescent lamp]  "Wha're you doing?"

     Tam: [all but whistling with chipperness] "Emptying the dishwasher."

     RX: "Stop that!  You had noro!"

     Tam: "I feel fine."

     RX: "You're still a carrier!"

     Tam: [vanishes into Roseholme C3I]

     I struggled awake and managed to grump my way through making breakfast, spilling coffee beans inside the cabinet, infuriating Rannie the cat (we bought the wrong brand of olive oil last time plus I keep walking right where the cat wants to be), burning toast, etc..  FWIW, you're still shedding viruses for 2 to 3 days after getting over Norwalk virus and its kin, which is one reason it burns through a population like a grassfire through dry pastureland on a windy day.

     There are few things I loathe more than throwing up.  Worse yet, I promised to take a co-worker to the hospital for some major-scary work this week -- I don't dare be ill. 

    Tam gets the last line: "While you're telling people how poorly I grasp the germ theory of disease, remind them we live in the same small house and 36 hours ago, we were sitting on the couch, watching Archer and grabbing at the same pizza."  (See, you're shedding virus for awhile before you have any symptoms, too.)



Able said...

2-3 days post recovery? Er, make that more like 2 weeks.

Also, whilst some 'may' shed virus whilst asymptomatic the chances are slight. The odds that ... someone else may have been an asymptomatic carrier who infected Tam, however. Didn't someone have headaches and myalgia recently? (ducking and hiding).

Spread by close personal contact, infection of food preparation areas by contact and aerosol vomitus, and direct infection by ingestion of aforementioned aerosols.

Hmm, so unless a) you already have it asymptomatically, b) you managed to get Tam into a Class 4 biohazard suit before she showed symptoms ....

... you're "attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis".

I'm fully aware you already knew all of that, this is just in the nature of a) giving a 'note for teacher' excusing her from all cooking, cleaning, general duties for 2-3 weeks (you're welcome Tam) b) rubbing it in


Jennifer said...

Here's hoping Roseholme is all healthy soon.

LabRat said...

"Yes, all of it, YOU FOX-EARED ASSHOLE."

jed said...

Aerosol Vomitus would make a good name for a punk band.

I think it's nifty that your cats, or at least one of them, like olive oil. But to be finicky about it? I don't make a big whoop about Colavita vs. Bertolli or Pompeian or whatever. Never have tried the the ultra-expensive brands.

Hmm, just boppin' around on the tubes, seems that most supermarket olive oil is crap.


Well, couldn't prove it by me.

Larry said...

Fox eared wha???

I don't know what that meant...but I laughed anyway...

Roberta X said...

Rannie loves Bertolli, and is very unsure about the high-end stuff. Tam bought Fresh Market's nice-smelling house brand last time. Rannie isn't at all convinced she should drink it.

Roberta X said...

"Fox-eared asshole?" Tsk. :D

Tam said...

"Yes, all of it, YOU FOX-EARED ASSHOLE."

Best. Show. On television. EVAR.