Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day? Page Day!

It's Bettie Page's birthday today. ...I suppose this "Earth Day" stuff is somewhat relevant, as you mustn't let Bettie swim in polluted water. (SFW)


Guffaw in AZ said...

Nice! Thanks.

NotClauswitz said...

It's my wife's birthday, the hippie bastards hijacked it - does that mean she's like Betty Page? To me damn-straight yes.

Anonymous said...

DirtCrashr, I would begin by offering hearty congratulations on your wife being like Betty Page. As the guy in the Roman dungeon in Monty Python's Life of Brian said, "You looky bahstard!"

There is no reason why the day can't just be hijacked back from the Leftists (not using the word hippie because I met a couple that were all right), in fact hijacking it back from the Left would be a lot of fun. Just start celebrating Bettie Page day. Something along the lines of celebrating the First Amendment, female beauty, and America, and the best part is the most whip-ass mascot for the purpose already exists.

The Left only thought they stepped in it with Mitt Romney's dog--wait until we make them argue against the best, bar none, pinup in American History. If I had a choice between a bar running a Bikini'n'Bangs contest, and competitive littering in some park for Urf day, I know which one I'd go to.

Because twitchy fanaticism loses to hetero-and-other-sexism every trip of the train.

Mike James

Skip said...

Uh today was what?
I guess I helped by putting earth elements back into the, earth.

Dave H said...

You just gotta love a girl with bangs.