Thursday, April 26, 2012

Police Cat

N. B., the black-and-white cat from last night was patrolling the alley this evening, "roaring."

Said to be typical of toms, I have mostly only seen "police cats," the Holstein-patterned guys, wandering and yowping. Kind of like the foot patrolman of yore, rattling doorknobs and shining a light in dark places, though I am pretty sure the tomcats do more spray-marking. (Guess that's one spot the bums won't be sleeping in!)


Anonymous said...

The cats are planning something. I've alerted the dogs.


Drang said...

Ratbane is a Kiwi Rugby player ("All Black", get it?) but he is also very vocal. In fact, he may be the most vocal cat I've ever known.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

All I know is that Frankie has lately decided that the best time to be vocal is around 6:45AM.

Why he can't wait until the alarm goes off at 7AM is a mystery to both myself and the lady wife.

Old Grouch said...

He wants to make sure you don't sleep through the alarm, of course!

Skip said...

Hey, it's spring. Wadda ya 'spect?
It's get laid time.

Roberta X said...

True, but tomcat patrol appears to be more about making sure the other guy doesn't. Works about as well as you might expect: not.

I've yet to hear any of the local laaaadies doin' their version of "Hey, big fella" but it is inevitable. I've got a neighbor who gets strays fixed any time she can catch one, which helps. (And for those of you wondering at her soft-heartedness, a reminder that the chipmunk population explodes when the feral cat count drops too far -- it's a delicate balance and cats don't mess up your foundation. Cute little chippymunks, on the other hand....)