Monday, April 23, 2012

Gun Show! BlogMeet?

Tri-State's got another one of their nice gun shows at Stout Field next weekend, filling a large gymnasium and a big double classroom with darned near nothing but guns and gun-related items.

--Okay, last time there was a fellow with a table of half Colt firearms memorabilia and half Colt non-firearm memorabilia; my point is that it is a well-focused show, run by friendly folks, with a good group of vendors.

I'll be going. There's a possibility of having a mini-BlogMeet that Saturday or Sunday, if anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

How was the recent hamfest?


Roberta X said...

Tiny. --I found an RCA speaker from a (mil-spec?) 16mm film projecter.

Don said...

I'm interested if you can work it out.

The Jack said...

I'd be interested.

I have to buy more targets anyway.

Could get some more reloadin' fixins though in no great need there at least.

BGMiller said...

Speaking of gun shows....

You have an email winding through the tubes to your inbox.

Ditto your lodger.

If you could spare me a few seconds I'd be ever so grateful.


The Jack said...

Brugge would be good, normal time (!3)?