Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As you read this, I'm probably at my Doc's office, going over blood work -- beseems my thyroid levels are low and there was something funny with my blood sugar. They didn't give me a "hie thee hence, posthaste," but they weren't happy.

I suspect a somewhat late and large supper, just before 12-hour-fast cutoff, didn't help any. But I have to go take my lecture.

Update: Looks like I called it on the blood sugar. Thyroid, just low enough she wants to try treating it. Vitamin D, however -- if it was cash, I wouldn't have bus fare. So I'll be taking supplements for awhile.

Not as bad as I had worried.


Earl said...

Good catch it early. Isn't vitamin D the sunshine one?

LabRat said...

Yeah, D's the sunshine one, but some of us are better or worse at producing it even ++ sunshine. I'm not in the "better" category myself.

Happiest thing that happened to me, and to a friend with the same issue, is that neither of us have been ill with anything pathogen-based for longer than 24 hours since fixing things, and the 24 was a loner case...

Blackwing1 said...

May I suggest the combination calcium/Vitamin-D chewy thingies?

Apparently there's a relationship between D uptake and calcium.

Besides, the dulce de leche flaver isn't bad.