Monday, April 09, 2012

The Sign Says...?

Maybe it doesn't; still, I persist in suspecting that whatever pay-TV channel it is that specializes in those Japanese young-women-and-slavering-monsters anime, they have a special slide for those times when the server crashes, the film breaks or the tape jams: "TENTACLE DIFFICULTIES."

I suppose the Susan G. Koman foundation -- facing a lean year after the Planned Parenthood muddle -- wouldn't want to have a charity breakfast called "Koman Get It?"

It's childish, but I giggle at the auto-electric shop sign consisting of an actual upside-down compact car under the neon-outlined question, "Will Your Battery Turn Your Car Over?" --No, but if it's a Volt, it might make toast of the contents!


Cincinnatus said...

"Tentacle difficulties" ??

I'm sooooo stealing that.

Anonymous said...


Cthulhu on a bad day?

Kevin said...

I still can't get over the sign for the Rachel Corrie Memorial Pancake Breakfast, myself.

Anonymous said...

i always liked the car-repair sign "specializing in foreign and domestic cars"