Friday, April 27, 2012

Is This The End Of Frankie?

...On a sad note, this city's beloved Public Safety Director, Dr. Frank Straub, resigned today....

Oh, I can't keep it up. Yeah, he was done nudged out, possibly by the prospect of a severe nyaah-nyaahing from the City-County Council.

The news article links to a curiously-written letter in which he spends a paragraph at the beginning resigning, a paragraph at the end thanking the Mayor, Council, etc. and the two pages in between read like a resume entry, .gov style, filled with glowing self-evaluations of improved diversity and slicked-up Homeland Security ops.

Nary a specific word about actual ongoing problems; not one mention of how the man brought in to show us rubes how to run a clean police force managed to let IMPD stumble through what was either the most amazing series of blunders in law-enforcement history or a clumsy array of multiple incidents of police evidence tampering in the Bisard case. Nope. None of that! Just shiny, shiny, shiny.

Man likely shaves blindfolded, he's so averse to facing reality.

Oh--! The Mayor's asking him to make like Diogenes and drum up an honest feller to fill his old job. Sometimes the punishment does fit the crime. You've got to pity the poor philosopher-king who'll fill those shoes next. Whattaya think -- another glib chap with a fancy degree and Big Plans to Uplift The Yokels?

Seems likely.
Post title is a film reference -- but only as a metaphor.


Anonymous said...

I guess Robert Peel isn't available...

As I wrote at Tam's, it's an interesting question but one that SHOULD be easy to answer in light of the fact that Americans have had police departments for a couple of centuries and should know what a good top cop should be / do. Unfortunately, we've gotten so hung up on titles, degrees, and fancy resume bullet points that we've lost sight of the fact that a policeman's job (from the lowest patrolman to the chief) is pretty simple: uphold the law.

I get the idea that Straub - and the yahoos who hired him - would find this a quaint if not outright bizarre concept.

CarlS said...

"Man likely shaves blindfolded, he's so averse to facing reality."

I am so stealing that, for use when describing most any politician. Even Nancy Pelosi . . .

Roberta X said...

Heh. In terms of surface area, which sex is it that shaves most? (A line itself stolen from either L. Neil or Cathy Smith.)

Anonymous said...

-- another glib chap with a fancy degree and Big Plans to Uplift The Yokels?

Sounds like y'all need a good yokel to get rid of all the glib ideas left in place by the "degrees"