Monday, April 02, 2012

Lost In Wikipedia

The three tabs still open read "Alexamenos graffito," "Moroccan tea culture" and "Bracteate." --And in getting there, I learned about Kilroy-was-here's older brothers, "Foo" and "Texino."

Man, that thing's addictive.


jetaz said...

I love wikipaedia. I can go from learning about the Parlimentary system in the UK to learning about the internal workings of a combine tractor.

Don said...

Ah, someone else admits to feeding the Elephant's Child.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a boxcar in Bakersfield with "Bozo Texino" spray painted all over one side.

And it's O/T, but is there a way that you might save the word verification er...words, and present them as some sort of list? I'm tempted to start, because the ones you and Ms. K and some others have are much closer to being actual words than any others I have run across. I'm thinking of trying to write something using all the nonsense words I've found here and there. Having to make up definitions would pretty much guarantee one was writing speculative fiction.

Mike James

Anonymous said...

That would be Kilroy, although I'm pretty sure all of your readers already know that.