Sunday, April 01, 2012

Saturday Report

We got off to a later start than I wanted but made it to the Columbus Hamfest before it was all gone. One guy had a very nice Deluxe model "Blue Racer" Vibroplex key, an older one (I haven't run the serial number yet) in a "custom carrying case:" a dark-painted cheesebox! We managed to find a price we both liked and it's mine now.

Spent time chatting with my friend Don, who maintains some very interesting radio equipment in even more interesting places.

Afterwards, Tam and I visited the Exit 76 Antique Mall. "Vast" is the only word that fits. A couple of hours in, we came around a corner to the main desk and I was thinking, "Whew! Made it before my legs gave out!" ...Um, no, we were just short of halfway through. There were several booths of old tools, a lot of interesting furniture and more dishware than you could ever hope to parse in a day -- then on the second half, Tam found all manner of militaria, from WW I lead soldiers to bayonets to Civil War arms; I even picked up a little folding tripod for my camera. And books...! A remarkable place. Visit if you dare. Bring money. Allow for extra time. Take frequent rest breaks; we did not and ended up regretting it as we limped out to my car.

By then we were fair starving; there was discussion of holding out until we got to the Chick-fil-A near Indy but hunger won out and we hit a nearby "Montana Mike" steak joint. Much better than I expected. They seem to have found a good balance -- you'd pay a lot more get any better steak. Service was fast, professional and friendly, an uncommon combination these days. and the place was packed! As we were leaving, a bunch of what appeared to be SASS shooters showed up -- ahh, Indiana!

Not too bad a way to spend a Saturday!


Dave H said...

It's astonishing what a Vibroplex bug sells for these days. I found what I considered a good deal (~$100) on an Original model about four years ago. The guy who sold it to me gave me the original box and sales receipt from when he bought it new. He paid $65 for it in 1974.

What really irks me is the people who buy them up at estate sales, douse them in cheap chrome, and try to sell them as collectors' items.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ms. X, are you a practicing Ham operator? The most Radio I did was.C.B. back in the day... JohninMd(help)

Roberta X said...

I am indeed, John, a 20 wpm Extra (indirectly -- I passed the fast code test about five years before I went back and upgraded from Advanced and by then, no more code test).