Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tried, Convicted And Sentenced In The Press

...and in Public Opinion. Sure, George Zimmerman has yet to have a trial in the usual justice-system sense but no matter the outcome, he will wear Trayvon Martin's death 'round his neck like an albatross. There are neighborhoods where he can never have a flat tire and he'll never write a check or use a credit card in his own name without a flash of dread. It's just short of a medieval sentence of outlawry.

...Now tell me about "justice."

This is yet another reason why shooting is a last resort -- and why trouble is better avoided than sought. Win or lose, you're liable to lose. Especially if it makes it into the news.


Robert Fowler said...

The chances of Zimmerman getting a fair trial are about the same as me becoming President. Then there is the fact that if the jury actually finds him not guilty, they will burn and loot Florida and most other major cities. All in the name of justice.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Not to Worry! Eric Holder has PROMISED Al Sharpton and his Gang of Professional Racists that it will be Official U.S. Government Policy to Prosecute Zimmerman for the least HINT of doing a "Hate Crime."

Of course, "Hate Crimes" and "Hate Speech" do NOT Apply to Al Sharpton, the NAACP, the New Black Panthers, the Congressional Black Caucus....

Goober said...

It's what I've been saying for years to all those folks who seem to be in such a hurry to carve a notch in their pistol grip - you don't want this. You just don't.

When they say "better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6" they are correct, but only just marginally so. It's a pretty close race.

The thing people forget is that even losers have family that loves them. Even burglars have cousins and brothers and mothers who will hurt horribly when they are killed, and worse yet,t hey are probably losers, too, meaning that their response won't be all that rational. Say you killed their cousin in your own home. They know where you live now. So, you have to move. To where? Same town, same cousins. They can find you. Will you ever be safe again? So you change jobs, move towns, change your name... that notch in your stock still worth it?

For chrissakes, folks, run if you can. That's the only good outcome.

Divemedic said...

I will say one thing: I will never, never be a part of a neighborhood watch, or remotely use my weapon to defend another person who is not in my immediate family. You see how many of his neighbors are supporting him?

My neighbors are on their own.

Drang said...

@Goober: It's what I've been saying for years to all those folks who seem to be in such a hurry to carve a notch in their pistol grip
Meet a lot of those, do you?

Montie said...

Not to speak for Goober, but yes, I have met a few of those. I have been carrying for over 30 years. While most of that time has been with the State's blessing as an LEO, I carried for a few years before becoming a cop (and before we had a CCW law in my state), because I made the decision that as a last resort, I would not go easily if it came down to it.

In that time, I have run upon a number of folks who seemed to be all too eager to justify their own decision to carry a gun. Should that justification come forth, they sometimes forget that anything you say or do (be it prior or post)can come back to haunt you. Yet, even among those who are paid to know better, foolish things are said or done. For instance, an officer recently said in squad meeting, "I hope I have to shoot someone tonight, I can use the paid time off." While I recognize it as a failed attempt at humor, those who overheard it might have had to repeat it, under oath, later if he HAD gotten into a shooting that night.

Having been involved in shootings both on and off duty, let me repeat something Goober claims to be telling those he knows who are "eager to carve a notch". " don't want this. You just don't."

That all being said, the "notchers" have a point. As cliche' as it sounds, the old adage of "better to be tried..." is indeed true. The 12 option while potentially painful and leading to loss of freeedom or worse, beats the 6 uption, which is final in a very negative way.

As to whether Zimmerman will get a fair trial, let me predict...maybe, doubtful, but maybe on the first go 'round. But, if the State fails to convict, or the sentence is perceived as being "too light", you can make a safe bet that Holder's Justice Dept. will file Federally, so one way or another, he is prison bound for a long time, one way or another.