Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hunger Games: The Movie

You'd better go see The Hunger Games. Tam and I did this past weekend. It's as good as the book. It's not exactly what I saw while reading -- but it's scary close. This may be the best film version of an SF novel yet made and the story's a good one.

Plus, they were working from a book written first person-present tense, an immediacy the filmmaker managed to convey without any silly tricks.

Highly recommended.


Frank W. James said...

I guess I'm not a fan of this stuff as I saw the movie over a week ago and decided NOT to review it because quite simply, I didn't GET what all the fuss was about!

It was a well done film and the lead actor (actress?) certainly deserves a nomination, but I found the story heavy handed, predictable and un-original.

Color me disappointed because with all the hype I was expecting more and, No, I've never read the book and doubt I e'var will after seeing the film...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Phillip said...

I was midway through the second book when my wife chose that movie to go to on a rare 'adults only' outing. While there were a couple of things that I think were huge mistakes in the movie, it was still so close to the book (that I had just finished reading a day before, so the material was fresh) that I was amazed at how well they did it.

Yeah, plot's simple. They can't convey everything in the movie they can in the book, but that's not their fault, it's just the way movies work. And it's a standard dystopian future, pull one from column A and one from column B through F until you've got your backdrop. But dang, it makes you think a little, which is something I was starting to despair of the vast majority doing.

Roberta X said...

...It is a YA novel, after all, and the first part of a trilogy at that. So the plot is simple. I've seen Hollywood mess up so many complex plots, though, that I'd as soon they stuck to what they can do.

Earl said...

I read the books first, kindle edition, then enjoyed the movie mostly. It, like War Horse, is taking a story for youth and moving it to the screen. I thought they did very well, although War Horse is a better work of art. I like the books' end better, but I am a romantic cynic.

TBeck said...

Any film that gets young adults thinking about the differences between citizens and subjects is worth the time to see.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Let's just Hope that Hollywood doesn't mess up the next 2 Movies to make them "Politically Correct," like they did with the Jericho T.V. Series ( "IT'S CHENEY'S FAULT!)"

Anonymous said...

Frank W. James - I found the story heavy handed, predictable and un-original.

I agree. However, in fairness, MANY movies are "heavy-handed and predictable": good guys win, bad guys lose, guy gets the girl, etc.

I have not read the books but I found the movie entertaining. As a testament, though it was a lengthy movie, I did not find myself squirming in my seat, looking at my watch, or muttering curses at my wife under my breath for making me go to see it.

TBeck - Any film that gets young adults thinking about the differences between citizens and subjects is worth the time to see.

Exactly. O' course, people seem perfectly willing to be "subjects" so long as the king gives them bread and circuses... or, at least, can plausibly blame somebody else for his failure to do so.

danontherock said...

I saw it with my daughter as she is a fan. I enjoyed it. Jennifer Lawrence really impressed me with with "Winters Bone" She out "Catnissed" herself in that one