Sunday, April 01, 2012

Office Inflation Pool

How long before the $100,000 Bar actually costs a hundred grand?* Pick a date!

...But read the fine print carefully: parent multinat Nestlé, with a yearly income comparable to that of Brunei and roots going back to the late 1860s, is no stranger to the effects of hyperinflation and some years back, carefully renamed the candy "100 GRAND." ...By the time the price matches the old name, they'll either have re-renamed it 100 TRILLION, or be pointing out they no longer claim any particular monetary unit for it to be as good as a hundred grand of.
* TV goof Stephen Colbert asked much the same thing in 2011 -- but we hasn't he wasn't† the first by a long chalk, so I don't feel bad about finding out after having asked myself the question.
† And This Is Your Brain On Lack Of Sleep: the Spoonerization passed entirely outside my notice, despite multiple edits to correct other problems. (Mike James found it, thanks!) I was trying to wrest my days back around after working an earlybird shift Sunday. How well did it work? It's 0433 Monday as I type. I've read 7/8 of The Hunger Games since waking up at 0315. Yeah, gonna be a loooong day.


Anonymous said...

"...but we hasn't the first by a long chalk..."

You'd better change the password for your Blogger account. The cats are posting under your name.

Mike James

Roberta X said...

Actually, I was falling asleep -- after a long, active Saturday, Sunday started at 0200. And without a proper breakfast, either.

You should have seen it before proofreading!