Thursday, April 19, 2012

Golden Boy Dodges Another Spanking

Public Safety Director Frank Straub lucked into another delay in his possible -- probable -- censure at the hands of UniGov's* council last night. After talking (and talking and talking and....), the initial vote was put off until May.

I'm certainly put off by it.

Fire 'em. Fire 'em all, from Dr. Straub down to the meekest, most inoffensive meter maid (meter butler?) and every instructor at the Police Academy, burn it to the ground and start over from scratch with zero tolerance for buddy-buddy back-scratching and a whole lot more foot patrol. If we could limit 'em to mere naughtiness -- the occasional free snack from grocers and restaurants, the occasional mercy on traffic tickets -- and keep 'em down where the rest of us can watch those watchmen right back, maybe they wouldn't get quite as thoroughly rotten (or as willing to look the other for their peers) as they appear to have become. (Okay, that's hyperbole and unfair; most IMPD officers are no worse than most LEOs in comparable cities. But in aggregate, no better, either -- and they could be. They should be and they can start by rooting out the bad apples instead of covering for them.)

One thing's for sure: all Dr. Frank Straub is going to do is talk. The FOP can unclench; his actions proclaim, louder and more clearly than anything he says, that in his heart, he's on their side.
* As I recall, another Dick Lugar project. Make of it what you will -- Unigov, Minitrue, Cheka, whatever.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh yeah. Unigov, Tricky Dicky's signature project to maintain Republican majorities in the 1970's. Too bad all the white conservatives moved out to the bedroom communities in the surrounding counties, or it might have worked.

I need me one of those RETIRE LUGAR yard signs. Seeing them everywhere.

Chris said...

WIBC reported this morning that the new "interim" police chief is not even currently qualified to hold that position.

Larry said...

Makes you wonder sometimes if any of them ever heard of that Peel guy. Sad thing is, it makes things harder for the ones who actually have.