Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stock Check, Aisle Whatever

...Picked up some nice pickle relish the other day. Color seemed a bit off, but hey, you can trust the neighborhood Yuppie Market, right? No date on it that I could see.

Got the bottle out last night and man, it really doesn't look right. Gone all transparent. And not-quite hidden in the label art, worked right into the design, there it is: "BEST BY 20 OCTOBER 2011." Yick.

Hey, Mister Condiment-man? Bigger print, please. Helps me, helps the kid restacking the shelves at Fresh-O-Mart -- and prevents you losing customers. In one sense or another.

I wonder if the Mayor feels like this? "Gee, it looked kinda okay when I bought it..." WTH, an expired pickle running Public Safety might be an improvement.


Anonymous said...

October 11's not bad. They don't go SPUNG and bust out the botulism the day the warranty expires. That's just an approximate point on the anticipated declining flavor/color curve where they assume that the jars which decline fastest will be starting to look off enough for you to notice. Which you did. But it won't do you any harm, if it doesn't show pressure signs. Pressure signs really are bad!

BobG said...

I usually make my own relish. I chop together some dill pickles, sweet pickles, and minced shallots, and a pinch of red pepper flakes. The ratios depend on your taste. Add some good mustard to it, and you have hot dog relish.