Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All Across America...

...The lights are going out, often by very narrow margins.

  I wanna know why they're callin' Ohio for Mr. Obama with 59% of the votes counted and a three-point difference between the candidates.  VA's the same 51/48 split but at 91% of the results in, a bit more of a settled contest.  Indiana is 50/49 and at any given moment, no telling who's ahead.  Sad, we used to be such a dependable state.

     One of my co-workers is sure this one will end up before the courts.  Maybe.

     --People (bloggers) are saying, "Whoever wins, let's be good sports and get behind him."   Like the Democrats did President Bush?  Sorry, pal, I'll be harshly critical.  Whoever wins.  (It looks bad for Mr. McCain but the night's not over yet).  President of the U. S. is an executive job; he might run my government but the President, any President, is not my "leader." He's not the boss of me, or you, either; he's the guy we hire to talk to Kings and be Commander in Chief of the armed forces.


Anonymous said...

Good lord, it's clear that the gene pool needs a healthy dose of chlorine.

Anonymous said...

Forget ammo. Some of us need to stock up on dark chocolate - the hard stuff - for the next 4 years.

--People (bloggers) are saying, "Whoever wins., let's be good sports and get behind him." Like the Democrats did Bush? Sorry, pal, I'll be harshly critical. Whoever wins.

You can say that again. I don't mind helping this country survive 4 years of Obama, and I don't want it torn apart, but don't expect me to jump in and start waving pompoms.

Anonymous said...

McCain conceded.

Who is going to be John Galt?

phlegmfatale said...

Based on the economy, I reckoned this presidency would be a one-term deal no matter who won. I reserve the right to be bitter, though.

Army of Dad said...

Why not "let" them tear apart the country? I used the quotes because we don't have any damn choice or any way to stop them.

(pretty easy to tell I am a pessimist, huh?)

Crucis said...

Stock futures this morning are taking a nose-dive.

OK, time to suck it in and work towards the mid-terms. The dems didn't get a supermajority, so lets put some steel in the spines of the remaining 45 'pub senators and trim the lib majority in both US houses.

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Genuflect? Geez!

BobG said...

"He's not the boss of me, or you, either; he's the guy we hire to talk to Kings and be Commander in Chief of the armed forces."

Exactly the point I argued in a post of mine on leadership.

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Sounds like an effete Euro-type of candy.

phlegmfatale said...

Sorry, I repeated myself over on VFTP, but, uh, I was prolly not legal to drive at 7 this morning, so I forgive myself.

I must say I'm relieved this enervating political season is over with.

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Anonymous said...

I too am glad this election is over. Looking ahead, I am interested to see what happens when Obama's ideals and promises impact with reality. Also interested to see, in four years, how he will do in re-election when the patina of "The One" has gone.

Roberta X said...

I think that the scent will be well off the bloom by the time the next Presidential race. Despite Ms. Pelosi's murmurings about "governing from the center," I expect the Democratic Congress will have worn out their welcome by the mid-term races, probably quite early on if they rush to implement the President-elect's promised (threatened?) legislation. Among other reasons, Ms. Pelosi's concept of the "center" is well to the left of the nation's.

...All of which reminds me, when the devil did Presidents get to propose legislation? The practice goes way, waaaaay back. It is another extra-Constitutional accretion that we'd be better off without.

Tam said...

"word verification: abortal"

Timeliest. Word verification. EVAR!

Crucis said...

Well, Al Franken is still trying to trim Coleman's lead down to suit territory. That could end up in court. Last info was, "every ballot will be examined by hand." And I'll be a few or more, mebbee several hundred Coleman ballots will get flushed.