Friday, November 14, 2008

Civics: FAIL

The scene: room with vending machines, tables, chairs and a  TV set tuned to Network News.

The cast: Your Correspondent and A Semi-Random Stranger.

On the TV: a news story about The Post-Election Rush To Buy Guns.

Stranger: "I don't see why they are in such  hurry -- even if the President makes a law against guns, Congress still has to approve it!  It'll take months."

Me: (boggling, wondering where do I begin?) "Er, unh, I guess they don't want to miss out...?"

D00d, here:
Please to note at which point in the process the Prez gets involved. Thang Kew.


The Captain said...

HA! What a great blast from the past! Nice way to start a Friday.

Matt G said...

Video no worky, but based upon what The Captain just said, I'm gonna guess that you linked to the greatness of School House Rock's "I'm Just A Bill."

Matt G said...

You know, it strikes me that, as kewl as that Schoolhouse Rock video is, it glamourizes too much the passing of bills.

Wouldn't it be cool if it glamourized the VETO, and death in committe, of proposed laws?

We've got a whole generation who thinks that it's pretty sad when yet another law doesn't get passed.


Anonymous said...

I picked up a dvd of all the schoolhouse rock's videos at best buy or circuit city.

OTOH, the whole presidential executive order thing leaves a lot of room for abuse these days. Especially since those are perceived to have the power of law, which gives them the power of law at least until someone can push one far enough in the courts.

Anonymous said...

Yet when I suggest Literacy Tests I get called "Racist!!"

Roberta X said...


Roberta X said...