Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Morning Round-Up

Now Updated!  (see below)

Yee.  Haw.

     Not much posting yesterday: I'm still up to my neck (gills?) in Starship Modification And Repair, running short on time and sleep and coping -- badly -- with a sore back.  (You wouldn't happen to know the name and number of a good, cheap leaf-removal company, would you?)

     Coming up this weekend: Bowling Pin Shoot at Marion County Fish & Game!  Saturday, 0800 (or "half-past oh-dark-thirty," IMO.  Gads, I am a lazy creature).

     Sunday afternoon at 1500, it's the Special November Indy Blogmeet, at Fionn MacCool's in Fishers!  (Yes, yes yes, you in the back, that's three p. m.).  Fine food and friends old and new -- hoping to see you there.  Planning on meeting my old friend, corned beef and cabbage.  --Srsly, I'd pass up bacon for good corned beef  and not even have to think twice.

     Saturday night, my family Thanksgiving! Wrong! Mom tells me that would be next Saturday, a week from tomorrow. Whew! --Umm, sorry, close friends and family only.  You'll be missin' some first-rate cookery! (A near-miss on the Blogmeet date; even when I set it, I was thinking my innate sense of timing was prolly gonna trip me up once more.  Holidays are tricky for the Xs: I'm on-call and get bare-minimum holidays off, my brother's an Army Reserve officer and pretty much everybody's got another family (or more!) to do the holidays with, too.  So it's rarely if ever on the day of and sometimes it's a struggle to get a quorum together).   

     Quite the social whirl.  At this rate, I'll buy a couple o'hot-deli Cornish game hens or a turkey roll for Thursday's dinner,* mash up some good taters (skin-on, with whole milk, it's the only way), add a little of this and a bitta that on the side -- flageolets verts with a touch of diced ham, maybe, or real succotash, a wildly-assorted salad, something cranberry-based, that sort of thing -- and otherwise sleep the day away just to catch up.
* "Dinner:" big meal in the middle of the day, usually on a Sunday or holiday.

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Anonymous said...

leaves? I leave 'em. I figure that's why they call 'em that.

plus, if they didn't want to be on the ground they shoulda stayed in the tree. plenty of them do.