Sunday, November 23, 2008

November Blogmeet

'Twas a stirring success!  We gathered at Fionn MacCool's, met friends old and new, drank fine tipples, ate like royalty (Irish royalty, except for the dee-lish sweet potato French fries which not even they could get) and spoke of books, films, politics and witlings.  ...Kind of just a wee skosh of overlap there, wouldn't you just know.

     I'm awaiting photos from Tam's pal.  Shermlock Shomes got his back already -- go see!  Bonus: you not only get to see all the kewl kids, you'll see my famous "I, too will stand against Tarquin!" gesture.  (Holy howlin' cow, the Tiber is way colder than you'd'a thunk!  And that Horatius?  Total hunk).

     December with her various and sundry assorted holidays* is bearin' down fast and busy, so speak up now: what weekend would work for you for the December Indy Blogmeet?
* You know what?  I'm a-gonna say "Happy Holidays," and here's why: pretty much everyone from everyplace has got some darned kind of Winter solstice holiday, plus there are at least two religious holidays that by Divine plan or pure chance (take your own pick), fall on or near the same date and the civil calender clicks over about the same time.  I don't know how many of 'em you celebrate or in what fashion and rather than leave yours out or insult the tradition and significance of it with my heathen mispronunciation and misapprehension, I'm just gonna use the generic term.  I'm not multicultural, I'm too lazy to look up all about your particular December day or days but nowhere near mean enough to just ignore it.  If you have a problem with that, go find somebody else to wish you a happy Woodchuck-Hampering Day or whatever blame thing it is you do, okay?  'Cos I tried but I've kinda got my own strange alien festivities to do: we get to torture a tree!  Heheheheh.  Also, there will be gifts. 


Anonymous said...

It's not the holidays if you don't get to sit around a dead tree eating candy out of your socks.

Anonymous said...


Yer right; us heathens got nothing like that.

WV-asoical--dyslexic loner

firefighter4884 said...


I'm from the Evansville area, and would love to meet up at one of the Indy blog meets, unfortunately, I also work on the road, and only get 1 weekend / month at home.

I will be home for 2 weeks starting on 12/23... so a meet between then and the 5th of January would be most excellent.

If not, I'll keep reading, and hoping about making one :)

Unknown said...

In terms of covering your bases with all of the "holidays" this time of year...

Happ-ery Hana'Rama'Qwanz'mas! :-)

Anonymous said...


You were at Fionn's? In Fishers? My Fionns?

Roberta X said...

Yes we were, Ahab, but they said they'd use bleach after we left. It's probably perfectly fine by now. :)

Jim, I'll see what we can work out for the next blogmeet!

Quigley said...

It is always a good time spent with good people....and getting to meet even more of them is a bonus.

Look forward to the next one.

Shermlock Shomes said...

For the Good Boy and Girl December BlogMeet, how about Dec. 14 or 21st?