Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things That Go "Bang!"

It's time to Go Shoot Something! -- And by "something," I mean pieces of paper.  Just in case the cut-out doll zombies attack.  Iggle Crick or Pop Guns?  I dunno, depends on the crowd.

     Chilly as it is, I could do with one of these.  Ahh, if only -- somewhere around here, there should be two thermal vacuum flasks similar to the ones trademarked "Thermos."  (Prolly in a box in the garage -- but which one? )

Update: Ha!  Creaking Eagles it was and nothin' like cold weather to keep 'em moving: a lot of cars in the parking lot but several pulled out as we arrived and unpacked.  There were plenty of spots.  I shot pretty well -- adequate to stop a goblin or at least scare him badly -- until my hands got cold and I started making Swiss Cheese of the paper.  Tam shot very well indeed, especially considering the .32 Colt Pocket Auto she shot (one-handed!) the most has "sights" more as a nod to the notion.  A good time was had by all.  (N.B. what you want working in the chill when you need to be barehanded part of the time is two pairs of gloves: one under your coat and next layer, the other on 'til you need better dexterity.  Then set that pair aside, load mags or whatever, put the warm ones on and stuff the pair you set aside under your outer garments where the warm ones were.  Repeat as needed and you are always puttin' on warm gloves when your hands are coldest.  This is especially true when loading .22 magazines). [1] 

     Later: Hog roast at LGG.  All day.  Better getcha some!  Update: Their blog explains why they skipped last week: ran into the unlicensed-plumber mindset: you can't be hangin' out a shingle and sellin' cooked food commercially unless you have all the right papers with the proper stamps, signatures, seals, colorful fluttery ribbons and inspections.  This bein' a) Indiana and b) Broad Ripple and the folks who run LGG having way more than a single clue, all straightened out in a week and we have us a new "restaurant" that consist mostly of a hog-smoker,[2] a serving table, some talented folks and marvelous food.

(Also, I'm told there's a big ISRPA meeting this afternoon.  Kewl!)
1. In really cold weather, you wear thin knit gloves, what Uncle Sam calls "glove liners," and swap overgloves or mittens cold-for-warm. Talk to me about combat-toughness all you like; I learned cold-weather tricks doin' TV live shots and the more comfy you keep yourself, the more effective you will be. It's the same reason all Winter I've usually got one more layer on than those around me: sufferin's fine for training -- you go real-world, you try'n stay within your limits and have something left for later if needed).
2. Y'know, a man calls me that, it would not help him any to smile unless context made it perfectly clear that barbeque hardware was under discussion. Just sayin'.


Turk Turon said...


Handguns and hogs; roscoes and roasts.

The life you live is idyllic!

Captcha: scabrib

BobG said...

I like the thermos bottle, but it would be frowned on in some areas. Hell, it's probably illegal in California...