Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Conversation Is Had

(One speaker is me, the other is Tam.  We agreed to not tell who is who).

"Damn this coat!  The zipper's no good!" (fumble, fumble)  "It won't fasten!"

"Here, let me see..." (fumble, fumble, think)  "Do you still have that multitool?"  (fumble, plying of pliers, fumble)

"No, let me...  Oh, it just won't.  It's been a problem all day.  Forget it it."

"You could snap up the storm flap snaps..."

"Hey, what?  It does have snaps, and I've been cold all day?" (blush, blush)

"Oh, gee, I thought you knew that...."

(Third speaker) "I thought you were just hot from the exertion.  No?"

"No, I was freezing!  It's got snaps!  I've only had the coat...five or six years and I didn't notice?"

     Sometimes things are too obvious.


Anonymous said...

Y'know, you could actually have the exact same conversation about one of my coats, except I got the exasperated "IT HAS SNAPS" much earlier, since I got the coat within the marriage.

Carteach said...

Who is who? Tough call! The third voice is clearly a man, as only such would poke the bear in so cavalier a manner.

Yup... sometimes the obvious is the most completely hidden.

Captcha: 'chortipk' The sound Ted Kennedy makes when he wakes up after a bender.

Anonymous said...

Glad it's not just me that does that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Roberta, I could see you with the multitool. Just sayin'...

first wv: "momza"
second wv: "peltedus"

BobG said...

I'm with OrangeNeckInNY; I see Roberta as being more likely with the multitool.

Word verification: blerace

Isn't it interesting how some of the WV words almost make sense sometimes, but stay just out of reach?

Anonymous said...

Did something similar with my car - A bit over a year after I bought it, I was doing oil/air filter and stuff. Decided I really ought to check the power steering fluid level since I couldn't remember the last time I had. Just about went nuts looking for it. No power steering. always thought the wheel was a bit stiff.....

Roberta X said...

Had a filling-station attendant (one of the last) ask me, on a day many years ago when I was being just lazy, "Where do you put the gas in this POS?" after walking all around the car twice. I guess the Huge Chrome Gas Cap in back was just too obvious?

(It was the "POS" that done him in. I replied, "You don't," and drove off).

the pawnbroker said...

to paraphrase a comment on an old post, and of course this is the answer to all the who's who riddles there at r. cottage:

party of the first part: the tall snarky of the second part: the one who likes guns.