Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Does It Look So Familiar?

The photo popped up and I thought, "Gosh, didn't I see a guy in that pose, with that expression, in a suit like that somewhere long ago?  Maybe in a history book?"
     Oh, yeah -- that guy!  Party affiliations and political philosophies differ but the more I see the new guy's body language and expressions the more I wonder if there's not a genetic component to wantin' to run for President.    Will he name the puppy "Checkers?"  Will Michelle Obama wear a plain, Democratic cloth coat at the inauguration?

  Certainly Joseph Biden is an adequate stand-in for Spiro Agnew in the tone, style and tact of his public pronouncements, though he lacks Agnew's gift for memorable snark.  He could maybe take lessons?

     The more things change, the more they come 'round again with slightly different trim and paint.  We might not have Dick Nixon to kick around any more but no worry -- we'll always have politicians.  And the common cold.


Turk Turon said...

Pandering poobahs of positivism.

Anonymous said...

Most of Agnew's snark, if memory serves, came from the keyboard of William Safire and (to a lesser degree) Patrick J. Buchanan.


TW: specter -- as in Slenator Larlen Splecter

Anonymous said...

There's a story behind that...