Saturday, November 01, 2008

Idiots Chicago

They're nowhere near saying they've found the killer (though they've got a "person of interest" in custody) but Chicago Police have arrested the gun they are just about certain was used to kill members of actress Jennifer Hudson's family.

     Hey, way to go, Chicago.  You may or may not have the murderer but at least that eeeeevil gun won't be temptin' another poor innocent down the path of unrighteousness.  Also it's way easier and safer to subdue an inert object than a person.

     Oh, and that person of interest?  Now "in custody on a parole violation" (and rates barely a throwaway line, unlike the ink devoted to The Gun That Did It).  Y'know, the number of times I have read that the perp of one vile deed after another was out on parole or probation when he committed his most recent crime leads me to wonder if maybe -- just maybe -- we might wanna consider keepin' more actual bad guys behind bars.  Wanna bet he was on parole for a violent offense?

     Geez.  Words fail me.


Carteach said...

First, I agree with the thought behind your post... 100%. It's my personal belief that anyone paroled from prison should be required to live in the home of a parole board member for the first month of freedom. Give them a nice big home, free, with lots of bedrooms..... although I suspect very few would actually get used.

Secondus.... in my mind I have a picture of you and Tam, back to back, laughing, snarling, blogging.
I would spend a weekend cooking and cleaning at Rose cottage just for the privilege of witnessing that.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see what he's actually on Parole for?

Attempted Murder.

Roberta X said...


...But just you ask Mayor Daley: if that innocent young soul had not been able to get a gun, nobody would have been killed. Not with an ax or a knife or a hammer, nope. It was the gun what done it. Unfortunate Mr. Murders-women-and-kids was only the helpless tool of the evil firearm.

You know, I would not enjoy my turn as executioner but scum like this makes me want to volunteer -- and I'm not even a fan of capital punishment other than in the act and at the hands of the intended victim or helpful bystanders.

Then there is the matter of the criminal culpability of a government that left the victims with no legal means of effective self-defense, while leaving predators free to roam.

It makes me feel ill.

Turk Turon said...

The perp had violated his parole months before these murders, and could have been picked up and sent back to prison to serve his full sentence, in which case he would still be behind bars. Three lives is too high a price to pay to "give a man a second chance". I suspect that Chicago doesn't have enough prison cells and that's the real reason for parole, although it is justified by "compassion" and "enlightened corrections". Read Second City Cop? Maybe if Chicago allowed fewer senior police administrators to take unmarked patrol cars home every night, they could put more eyes on the street, and have a better chance of rounding up parole violators.

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phlegmfatale said...

Wow. Carteach's idea is brilliant. Dirtbaggery abounds.