Monday, November 10, 2008

HuffPo: "Invent," "Distort," "Report," Whatever

It's all the same to them.  While not-so-tacitly accusing Sarah Palin of being D. C. Stephenson in cuter outfits and the Republican Party of becoming "hard-Right Nationalists" (of which the opposite is, what, internationists?), they have lost sight of their side's current policies.
     Okay, pop quiz: of the two big parties, which one favors international trade agreements like NAFTA and which one has been espousing a naive protectionism?  Umm-hmm. 

     Take your grotesque, Godwinesque brush, Huffies, and apply it to yourselves.  And try to remember that national political parties are inherently nationalist -- or did you not notice the red, white and blue bunting -- with white stars, OMG! -- your side uses, too?

     It's almost reassuring to see America's Left has not lost their cute trait of kicking folks when they're down.  

     Update:  Feeling so fine a pair of 'noids should not go unacknowledged, I left a comment on the originating blog, pointing out his side had, after all, won; that "nationalism" is what most national political parties are about; and that the system had, in fact, worked.  It was deleted in short order.

     Y'know what worries me?  Aside from the usual nut-jobs, the only group talking about death threats to the incoming President are a subset of the farthest-left among the Democrats.  Between that and the labored comparisons to John F. Kennedy, it almost seems that some of them want a martyrdom to rally around.   Tough luck, ijits, your candidate won the election, he's got his four years and a very effective Secret Service (plus all the rest of the law enforcement agencies) to keep him safe doing it.  Presidents of the United States have always, sadly, been the focus of inept lunatics -- but while the loonies have, if anything, become more inept, the agencies protecting the President are vastly more competent than ever before, grim and professional men and women with a single focus.

       The days of drama are over, whiners; welcome to the era of having to dig in and do the job.  This is not the movies.   Democrat or Republican, "witling" or "genius" to the popular press, family man or philanderer, politicians in our times assume the office of President hale and hearty and leave, four or eight years later, grey, wrinkled and a bit stooped.   The main threat to a president's life nowadays is the terrible weight of the job itself.


Anonymous said...

Must be some of those folks who think there's a place for satire in reporting.

OT- Time is set (at 3 p.m.) for AoSHQ meetup. (Was going to send an email, but worried that your sbcglobal box might have already received its monthly read.)

TW: "nounde"


Roberta X said...

I dunno, I get irked with the "sore winner" phenomenon and I see both the major parties do it. Having run their campaigns, at least in part, by demonizing the other side, they refuse to give it up after winning. When combined with gloating, it is particularly ugly and reminds me of the (apocryphal?) tale of the Romans requiring a General receiving a triumphal parade have a slave standing behind him the whole time, whispering that he is, after all, just a mortal man and that this, too, shall pass. Perhaps we'd do well to incorporate some hired flack to do the same for our winning politicians.