Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shooty Goodness, Scooter And Xgiving

Another full day!  Met up with friends in the morning for a breakfast and a trip to Eagle Creek Range (closed, bummer) where we met up with more friends, then across town to Pop Guns to at least try out the new upper on my Ruger Mk. II .22 and let others get in some shooting.  The place was crowded but one benefit to being a member is, you get preference for the next open lane.  The Tactical Solutions barrel/receiver was a winner right out of the box: at seven yards, shots went right where the sights were lined up.  It's the first time I've shot anything with adjustable sights and found them to be right on the first try.

     After shooting (I tried a little Kahr 9mm, DAO with a long and funny trigger pull but by golly, rounds go right where they should) and shopping, the entire party adjourned for brunch at Zest!  There's not much to say except Yum!  (Creme brulee French toast?  Crab Cakes Benedict?  I swoon.  Tam talked me out of a slice of my applewood smoked bacon -- I swan, it's like dining out with a large housecat).

     Then we convoyed back to Roseholme for Tam to give our visitors (fellow bloggers) a tour of the Tamseum* while I snuck away to buy a can of petrol, add fuel stabilizer, top off my motorscooter and take it for a run up the superdupermarket on one of the last rides of the year.  Temperatures hit the high 40s today, under sunny skies -- tomorrow promises grey, rain, snow and much colder, very probably not scooter weather.

     Goodbyes said and scooter winterized, it was time to haul Tam off to Xgiving, the X family gathering, filled with good company, good food and wild tales of lucky thumbs, imaginary twins and a child named "La - a."  No, not a family member and I have been sworn not to reveal backstory or source, except to add one hint as offered indignantly by the parent who bestowed the name: "The dash ain't silent."  Ah, but will it be pronounced LaHyphena on formal occasions?  I love my family; rushed and awkward though the time we find to gather together most of the sept may be, it is as nothing to the family of my niece's husband, who long ago gave up trying the trick twice in successive months and simply celebrate "Thanksmas," turkey and tree, Pilgrim and elf, thankfulness and presents side by side.

     Tomorrow dawns another day.  The range beckons but laundry and the bills threaten; I hope to achieve a workable compromise.
* "Those historical rifles?  They're Tam's, see 'em?"  And thus, the Tamseum.  Simple, really.

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Home on the Range said...

It was fun. Thanks for letting me shoot your really cool LIGHT (less calories, still the same filling bullet holes!) RUGER!

Had to head home to release the hound but hope you can join in the a.m. for more outdoor shooty goodness in the snow.