Sunday, November 09, 2008

A "Rebuilding" Day

....Or, honestly put, I slept in, made a deelightful corned beef hash & eggs brekky, cleaned guns with Tam an' her boytoy (oh geez am I gonna hear it over that) and put the nifty lightweight receiver/barrel on my Ruger .22 pistol, made a run up to Skunk Works North Campus where one-half of the insystem drive had blown a rastafradibbulator* tetrode (spares not kept in stock), enjoyed Boogie Burgers with Tam & her etc., came home and have been idly cruisin' the 'net, dabbling at laundry and noddin' off for the last several hours.

     I was gonna blog this tale of change and hope, but D. W. Drang beat me to it.  Inconstancy?  Move to the center?  Finally found a copy of that pesky 14th Amendment?  Whatever.

     Oh an' Tam's fren'?  Major thanks for helpin' me with Dad's 870 shotgun.  Best of all was lookin' down the bore and seein' he had put it away as clean as could be!
* Spellcheck claims there is No Such Animal.  How could I have made it up just now, then?


Home on the Range said...

Thanks for helping me with my little computer video glitch. You're the best.

Turk Turon said...

I have screen-captured this post, so don't try anything foolish.

Captcha: graphe

Anonymous said...

I have found most spellcheck programs are severely lacking in vocabulary as far as technical terms.

wv:remisl - what to do after you've un-missiled

Anonymous said...

My RCA Tube Manual lists the 24AVX41 rastafradibbulator as a PENTODE.

Could it be that the suppressor grid helps flatten out the plate curve and prevents future blowouts?

'Course you might have to adjust the gain a touch.

Just sayin' ...