Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exactly Not Like Jerry Lewis In France

...That'd be me in Germany, 'cos I'd be a sister to: Man Loses Gun License For Sleeping With One Under The Pillow.  Which the Po-lice noticed during a -- get this!  --"routine inspection."

     A) Gee, I love living in the U.S.A.

     B) I slept with a (double-action-only) pistol under my pillow for many years.  It's not the cleverest of ideas but it's a handy location if you're not grabby in your sleep.  I worked out a better location -- but since effin' when is it anyone's business but the folks you interact with in and from your bed?

     It's got everything: The Gummint, in your bedroom, takin' your guns.  Oh, please tell me they wore nice shiny jackboots!

     Let us not overlook C) The genius who chose to add a generic, file photo of a bed to "illustrate" this article, d'ye think he believes most readers have not seen a bed before?  D00d, most of us don't sleep on a couch at Mom & Dad's.


Jeffro said...

d'ye think he believes most readers have not seen a bed before?

Well, us uneducated red state Bible hugging and gun clinging unsophisticated rednecks sleep upside down, hanging from a bar like a bat.

That picture was pretty useful for a lout like myself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we Canadians learned some "administrative techniques" from the Krauts.

Most of my fellow Canadians don't realize our current legislation allows our police to enter and search our homes for firearms-no search warrant required. Since registration of firearms is also mandatory, the cops know exactly where to find law-abiding duck hunters to harrass.

The legislation doesn't do much about gangbangers, though. They don't seem to register many guns:-)

Also, the former IT director at our beloved national firearms registry has stated in public that any talented 16 year-old hacker could get into the registry's database, learn where the really good gun collections are stored, then...

I just hope my American friends don't let it happen to them.

staghounds said...

There's a professional minister of a Christian church in my town who has had an "under the pillow pistol" to "go off", killing his wife with the tragic bullet.

On two separate occasions.

What are the odds, eh?

staghounds said...

Also,"undated photograph". Ha, ha.

I'm off to France, where I am unlikely to find revolvers in beds.

Rob K said...

The caption on the bed photo is the best!

"A bed is seen in an undated image."

That just makes the story for me.

George said...

Let me just echo John Peddie's remarks. The Great White North has many attractions but as Roberta has already mentioned, being at all gun reasonable ... much less gun-friendly ... is beyond the pale for Canadian politicians.

BobG said...

When I've been backpacking in primitive areas, home to bears, cougars, etc, you can be sure I kept a 44mag under my pillow. Of course it wasn't REALLY a pillow, just some clothes stuffed in a bag, but you get the idea.

WV: ampulge

Anonymous said...

"His home was being checked because he had threatened to throw a hand grenade if the city council approved plans to build a high-voltage power line in his neighborhood," Baumgarten said. "The decision to take his license was made independently."

I think making a threat to throw a grenade may have been the action that resulted in the inspection of his home. Just a guess.

Politeness pays! Don't threaten to kill people! If they need killing, just do it, don't talk about it beforehand! (A variant of Tuco's Rule)

Roberta X said...

Good point -- though it was a warrantless search.