Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Librarian

"The Librarian: Curse Of The Judas Chalice"  This is either gonna be good, or it will melt on re-entry.  I wanna see it!

     What do you think?


Turk Turon said... a goblet?

It's either a "shots" movie ("Hi, Bob!") or it should be on MST3K.

Maybe both.

Rustmeister said...

I watched one of the others. It wasn't bad.

BobG said...

The other two in the series were amusing; hopefully this will be entertaining also.

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Uh...never mind...

Crucis said...

My wife has a degree in Library Science as well as some others. She loves these movies. For her, the classic line is the one from the last "Mummy" movie where Rachel Weisz proclaims, "I'm a Librarian!"

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Plastic with anorexia.

Jeffro said...

The other two were entertaining, so I have hope for this one.