Saturday, November 08, 2008

Setting The Table To Music

.....The Periodic Table, that is, to a "suspiciously familiar tune."  Say what you will, snarking the elements is a heckuva trick.


Anonymous said...

I assume this is the famous Tom Lehrer version (can't view Flash from here).

Geeks also enjoy:
somebody's YouTube animation (which I can't see, either)

TW: "Gethen"
Planetary setting for "The Left Hand of Darkness." No kidding!
Sheesh, at this rate, next time I'm gonna get "Xulthoom."

Carteach said...

I'm not ashamed to admit.... I have that song on CD.

Ok... Ok.... I know.... No need to dwell on it.

Drang said...

I got the entire Tom Lehrer canon on CD. :-)

No, he's not dead. He just decided the world is so stupid he was spinning his wheels.

Word: "hornier"