Monday, November 03, 2008

On Voting And After

"If you don't vote, you can't gripe about the outcome," they say.  Hogwash!  If you are eligible but don't vote tomorrow, you can still complain -- but don't expect to be taken seriously.

     (Dr. Freud?  I think I slipped: originally typed "income" instead of "outcome."  Certainly one of the possibilities for  latter will lessen the take-home component of the former in buying power and as a percentage of one's gross.  I expect massive inflation along with tax hikes if the Senator from Chicago wins and that's just for starters.  Oh, interesting times, interesting times -- I hate "interesting times.")


Somerled said...

I think there are a lot of parallels between this election and 1976. Bert Lance, Ham Jordan and Studio 54, Billygate--prez's brother helping out Libyan terrorists, Iran hostages, double-digit inflation, fuel shortages, malaise and a bad recession followed.

Carter led in the polls early by a large percentage but Ford narrowed the gap. If a few more people had voted, Ford might have pulled it out. Hopefully no one believes these polls to the point they stay home tomorrow.

Crucis said...

I don't think so. Too many folks remember Ford pardoned Nixon. Whether that was wise or not is another argument. However, it tainted the entire election. The fact that it was so close supports how weak a candidate Carter really was. And---we all know now the results. Bad to worse.

Roberta X said...

No, wait -- Ford pardoned Nixon? OMG!


I think he knew he was falling on his own sword when he did it -- but believed it was the best way to get the country shut of the whole mess.

CCW said...

OK, stop taking me seriously. But you can take all those millions of other idiots who voted based on pretty colors and ignorant impressions seriously. I mean, is that really the standard? Seriously!