Monday, March 08, 2010


Yesirree, Bub, it's the home of the very cradle of liberty! Why, people there got more rights than you can shake a stick at (and some do). And it's where you can walk into the range an innocent and -- without raising your hands or saying a word -- walk out a felon.

The gun-banners don't think MA's gun laws are tough enough. "Too lax." So lax my purse commits multiple felonies under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 269, Section 10(h)(1) every time I go shooting. Or it would if I lived there, which I won't.

I'm glad there's folks on our side in the state still and I'm glad they're on the job. It looks like a long, uphill slog.


Anonymous said...

Its not easy here, but we keep plugging away (oh, was that a pun? I didn't mean to, honest). The silver lining to the dark cloud of Mass gun laws is that, most people don't even think about someone carrying - its just not on their minds. So a little "bump" on the hip and people think cell phone, crackberry, etc. Anything but "GUN". Also, there's not many restrictions on where we can carry. Bars/Restaurants that serve alcohol are OK. Of course schools, fed buildings, etc. are still off limits. Of course there's restrictions than you can shake a stick at but we're still here and fighting to keep what we have.

Jay G said...

Why thankee, ma'am. I do what I can with what I've given - in fact, hoping to take a new shooter to the range later this month.

From BAHSTIN no less... ;)