Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Thing Mr. Obama Won't Do, Plus Zen Politics

Our president won't legalize pot (and let the useless remove themselves legally). --I thought that was one of those thing the social Right warned he would do and the goofier Left (hey, dad-rat it, gimme back that bagga chips, you!) looked forward to. Well...

Marijuana legalization – for any purpose – is a nonstarter in the Obama administration,” said Mr. Gil Kerlikowske, Federal narc-emperor, former semi-gunless police chief and anti-gunner. You can't find your bong? Gil can't find his gun! You'd think it would be a match made in heaven, but no. "Drugs're baaayd," he drones.

We do learn one Exciting New Fact: "Smoking marijuana can result in dependence on the drug." OMG! Next they'll be tellin' me alcohol use can lead to dependence, or maybe even smoking! (Attributed to "what 'science' has found so far." So, not real science, then? Scorn quotes? What, polio vaccine and celphones not good enough for ya?).

Elsewhere, another piece frets that the Tea Party movement might not have room for social conservatives. (Wha'? I thunk it was a mix of Libbytarians and Calvinistical folks!) Hey, buck up, meddlesome wing of the sosh-cons, it looks like the President's makin' room for yez!

Color me poppin' popcorn; if things start to sort out into Those Who Would Run Your Life "For Your Own Good" (real scorn quote) and limited-gov't people who figure morals are your own biz if you don't harm others, I'll be a happy camper.

I don't think we're there yet. For the first time in my life, I wonder if we might be able to get to there. Political parties mutate over time, outlive their founding issues; ask the Whigs or the Dixiecrats. Change is the only constant but sometimes things build up and change comes rapidly. We may be living in one of those times.


Stranger said...

The only constant in human history is change. Sometimes it took generations to make a tiny change, sometimes an earth shattering change can happen in moments.

I am pretty sure we are in between the extremes - and it will not be a happy medium at all. It was chilly last summer, was it not?


Anonymous said...

I reckon I've never heard of someone getting high, going home, and beating the hell out of their wife.

This is not to say it isn't possible, but it seems less probable, no?

Also, it is fun to watch stoners stopped at a stop sign, waiting for it to turn green.


og said...

I'll have to disagree on this one, because I a: have some inside information, and b: know it won't LOOK like legalization.

I haven't a dog in the race, I wouldn't anymore smoke dope than put a gun to my head,and I don't care who does- frankly, the more the merrier. But this, too, will become a political tool. Trust me on this one.