Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quelle Surprise

Show of hands, who was stunned by this story: "FBI Agent Infiltrated Christian Militia."

Remember the first rule of Fight Club? If your anti-gummit whatever has more than three members, it's nearly certain one of 'em's a Fed or talkin' to 'em. Three or less, chances are only two out of three.

Early evidence is this time it was a good thing. But 'tis wise to remember the criteria for Caesar's wife -- and/or the rule alluded to above.


Old Grouch said...

Seems I recall a Playboy cartoon from many years ago of a bunch of Klansmen standing in a circle, each holding his hood so his face was visible. The caption: "Wait a minute. You mean we're ALL F.B.I. agents?"

rickn8or said...

P.J. O'Rourke, in his National Lampoon days, commented that it was easy to spot the FBI infiltrator: it was the guy that was always trying to get you to blow stuff up.

Justin Buist said...

You known your org has left the reservation when the Michigan Militia drops a dime to the Feds to report on your antics.

Drang said...

Ok, show of hands, how many remember the scene in my beloved Bil The Galactic Hero in which it turns out that the ONLY member of the conspiracy who is not a stooge for some gubbmint agency was the guy who started it all?

And, in fact, my first thought was "Who was the narc?"

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

[Hand raised]

Sad that our vaunted gummint hasn't got anything better to do than incite to riot.

jbrock said...

Not too long before Aryan Nations ceased to grace the Coeur d'Alene area landscape, there was a big summit meeting of their allies at their compound. Supposedly, Federal agents and informants outnumbered the True Believers. It wouldn't surprise me.

And yeah, as soon as I saw this story the first thing I wondered was which agency (or agencies) had someone on the inside of this cluster of mouth-breathers.