Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missing The Phrase And Not Figuring The Speech

A real headline from Real Clear Politics:

"LBJ, Obama and Hiding Sausage Recipes"

Look, maybe it's just me, but that headline sure does look like they're talkin' about recipes for hide-the-sausage, which I most fervently hope nobody holding court in the White House is fixin' to do to the Republic. There are even more appalling spins to be put on it and you should feel free to do so; as a matter of delicacy and taste, I shall not.

Turns out, not in so many words (though perhaps in a metaphor invisible to the writer), it's a not-quite puffology piece on the conflict between St. Obama the Transparent Reformer and Mr. Get-It-Done-Chicago-Style President Obama. Hey, whattaya know, arm-twisting and backroom deals don't go well with openness an' keepin' the public informed. And the losing side is the same as ever: you and me.

Not exactly news but I do grin wryly (maybe with some pastrami and mustard?) when yet another media booster sees that particular light. Meet the new boss, kiddo, same as the old boss. Fooled again, weren't you?

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