Monday, March 29, 2010

"Militia" Arrests In Midwest

Funny, the lamestream media ran the story right after talking about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express -- no subtext there, right?

A wire service reports a whopping three (3!) arrests. Some "militia!" There are hints of "gun charges," whatever that might mean. The ever-reliable Telegraph(UK) shows a pic of a guy in a dark uniform with a slung AR-15ish-looking rifle -- no, wait, that's a Michigan State Trooper. Looks like someone in Chicago got nipped, too.

Media-noise aside, the targeted individuals appear to be members of a Christian militia called "Hutaree" and it appears that when they rang up the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia to share the news, the reply was along the general lines of "and you are...?" SMVM has their own news release posted on their top page, which may point to a little more info than the LSM is sharin'; looks like there may be more who-why-how forthcoming later today, likely elsewhere.

I predict scare headlines on the front pages -- and the real story, if it shows up at all, buried in the back pages. Somebody got 'em a full-auto without touchin' all the bases? Someone made threats? Dunno; we'll find out, though it may take diggin'.

Let me just say that I disapprove of threats. It's not good tactics.

Seems like old times. Canaries, coal mines, overreaction and shiny, shiny jackboots; funny, he don't look like Mr. Clinton.


Turk Turon said...

The AP story is one of the vaguest news items I have ever read. It is so bereft of the usual facts (who, what, when, where, etc.) that it almost reads like a Saturday Night Live parody: "An FBI spokeswoman said that at least one federal law enforcement agency may have conducted raids in one of at least three states in which at least three arrests may have been made. One of the states may have been Michigan. Another may have been Indiana. An unnamed spokesman for a Michigan militia group says his group wasn't raided, but he knows who was, because his buddy got a phone call."

Jeff said...

Just heard on the raaadio the Feebs took 2 dozen guns!! from one house in Hammond, IN.

Stranger said...

Well, last night it was "selling pipe bombs." Which is absolutely stupid. Now it is unspecified "gun charges."

Since genuine busts have the reasons in neon on the marquee, this looks like a combination of a fishing expedition combined with a pitch for "new laws."

So at the moment six (cups of java) will get you five (of the same) that if there are charges they will be dismissed within 180 days.

And the Meullers will give no comprehensible reason, no excuse, and no apology. But they will make every effort to keep it quiet.


Because genuine busts have the who, what, when, where, and why out front in neon.

B said...

Story I got from LEO was tha they were gonna off a cop, then plant other bombs to do in the LEO mourners.

And the Michigan Militia dropped dime on them when they were contacted to see if they wanted to help with the planning and execution.

Just hearsay, mind you.

But the source has been reliable in the past.


George said...

All of this begs the question (at least for the media) WHAT CONSTITUTES A MILITIA, VS. A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION OR CULT?
My understanding of militia, is it's a legitimate, constitutional spite of the Southern Poverty Law Center's propaganda.
If they weren't wearing cammies, would they just be a cult? Or criminal organization?

Drang said...

Arrests are up to 7, although there seems to be more confusion and contradiction among agencies than usual. (I.e., FBI says one thing, US Attorney says another.)

I have to wonder about the origin of their word "Hutaree" meaning "Christian Warrior or Soldier"; it sounds an awful lot like "Hutterite", who are Christian communal pacifists...

(Then again, Sikhs were originally pacificsts, too.)

Ken said...

Let's get some armored pontoon boats and form a Hussite naval militia...

...oh, never mind.

Drang said...

Need a blind admiral.