Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Next "Right?"

Why, you've an inherent right to broadband internet and broadcast TV -- you're owed that! Except it might not be high-definition TV, as the FCC seems to think wireless broadband is the way to go and wants to grab up 120 MHz of bandwidth everywhere to do it. 120 MHz? That's twenty (20) TV channels! One way they'll get room is to scrunch local TV stations into half-channels, which doesn't leave enough room for high-def. C'mon, you knew it was just a fad, like color or stereo sound.

But hey, access to political ads and Presidential news conferences is a right! It's free! Shaddup an' eat yer lotuses.


Turk Turon said...

The three most powerful lobbies in Washington are the NRA, AARP and the National Association of Broadcasters. I give this proposal no chance. At worst, the NAB will stall it for decades, until new technology makes it obsolete. Kinda like what they did with analog Hi-Def TV.

Drang said...

Bread and circuses.

WV: gamid. "Enter your gam ID for your free, Government-approved online First Person Shooter..."

Anonymous said...

The republic is headed down the shitter, but hey, look at this instead!


Roberta X said...

Turk: I dunno. Mr. Obama's FCC Czar seems incredibly intent on it.

KurtP said...

What about my right to someone else paying for my auto insurance?

It's insurance, so it has to be a right- right?