Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Uplift

So many frightening and terrible things have come from California -- I do not mention the dire name Pelosi -- that it is important to remember neither the state nor its residents are all entirely wicked. Take, for a shining example, the Kingdom of Boomeria! Or, What Would Happen If A Science Teacher Ran His Own Country....


capo del fuoco said...


Mr. Boomer ("Boom" to his students) is one of a kind. His love for physics and chem knows no bounds. All of the stuff on those web pages are the real deal (castle, organ, watch towers etc.). He is still teaching today. I was a student of his back in the 70's. I have never met another person like him or as effective. A truly great teacher that I suspect you would have loved to have experienced.

Capo del Fuoco

charles said...

I have a new hero, and his name is Boom.

Anonymous said...

What Charles said.I may need to make a pilgrimage. I have relatives near there.
Rey B
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