Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood

Mr. Eugene Robinson, that is. It's a scary place, it is. Filled with threats of violence; why, a fellow left a coffin on Congressman Russ Carnahan’s lawn, he did (except he didn't). Columnist Robinson, an active member of a racially-exclusive organization, informs us dull proles that when Sarah Palin uses a crosshairs symbol to indicate the districts of Democrat Congressbeings up for reelection this year from areas that went Republican in the '08 Presidential contest, she's not marking GOP-winnable elections (even though that is what she wrote right there on the graphic) but is up to Something Sinister.

"Let's not pretend anymore," he warns us gravely, "that the tea party movement is harmless." (Harmless to whom, sir, and in what sense of the word? It harms a political career to fail of election, does it not?). Certainly we can all recall when their thugs in paramilitary attire -- one carrying a nightstick! -- took up station at a polling place in Philadelphia... No, wait, that was the New Black Panther Party. Well, then, how about when one of their politicians trashed the First Amendment and informed his constituents they weren't the boss of him? Um, hold on, that was Indiana Democrat and freedom-loather Baron Hill. Okay, then how about those unruly window-smashing thugs? --Even the current -- and yes, Eugene, actually wrong -- brick-throwing ijits are pikers, smalltime when stacked up against anti-WTO (anti-G20, Gn, whatever) protesters right here in the U.S. Well, then, what about packing meetings with thugs? Ooops, that was the Left-supporting SEIU, who don't even play nice with other unions. You want to stand there on the Left and lecture me about harm?

And through all that, where was Mr. Calming Voice Of Reason? --Silent, except when he was blaming conservatives. But Oh Dearie Me, let 'em stand up and speak up and he's all for crushin' them quick, before they get outta hand.

See ya at the voting booth, Mr. Robinson. I'll be the one in line to vote wearing the Gadsden flag of the several. Y'woke us up.
An interesting sidelight to all this: YouTube's havin' troubles; the vids I can find but won't play are the during-the-fight coverage of Kenneth Gladney getting beat up by SEIU enforcers and the handheld amateur shots showing both New Panthers in Philly. If the Baron Hill stuff goes she-no-play too.... Gee, that's a nice matched set of noids!


Mark Alger said...

Be afraid of the TEA Party movement. Be very afraid. They want to take over the government and LEAVE YOU ALONE! Bwahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Mark - That is exactly what the socialists in charge right now are afraid of.


w/v: undions. The fundamental particle of all underwear?