Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Would You Think It Odd

...If I linked to someone else's drawers? Srsly, gotta see. Even if I like the spinning ones better.


Jim said...

C'mon, you're an inginier, Roberta. You could possibly covet a drawer whose handles apply force at a 45-degree angle to the desired direction of motion? :)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Must. Have.

Regardless of direction of applied force :)

Rob K said...

I have the spinning ones, and am not happy with them. Maybe mine are just not of high enough quality, but they don't close properly and the shelves droop. I'd like to have the drawers.

perlhaqr said...

The shelves are solidly connected to the door sections on my rotational corner shelves. The box section this ends up creating makes them very stable.

I've seen shelves that had a door that opened in on a lazy susan. I don't like those as much.

Stranger said...

Neither type are particularly hard to build from scratch. I prefer the rotating variety but they really should have a closely fitting surround to keep stuff from falling beyond reach and
alllllllmmmmmmmoooooooooost beyond raking range.

The last pair of lazy susans I made cost nearly thirty bucks - mostly for decent flanged radial bearings from McMaster Carr.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen the former, but I'd need a pretty good reason to use those instead of a lazy susan.


Drang said...

These may be a better use of space than the spinners. We have the spinners in two corner cabinets, and they work well, high quality so no drooping, but there is some wasted space.
Previously, there were just corner cabinets, you opened the one door and had to reach waaaaaaaay back in the dark depths of the cabinet...
With these, it looks like the adjacent cabinet has a bit of space that is obscured from the door, but not so bad that you can't use it. Whether the space is so oddly shaped as to be useful, I can't tell.

Drang said...

I forwarded it to the designer for our remodel. she showed it to the engineer. He said "Neat, but not worth the trouble." FWIW.

DOuglas2 said...

It still leaves a space as big as those drawers unusable, a giant triangle to either side of them. And it gives you funny-shaped drawers that arent't really useful for much.
The "magic corner" from Hafele or Vauth Sagel or Lee-Valley or Knape and Vogt --- Now THAT is the ticket

NotClauswitz said...

Like D.W.Drang we've been looking at such things as we contemplate a kitchen make-over with deep hard-to-reach spaces.
We currently use the "crawlspace" for earthquake water and supplies.
With those corner-in drawers you sorta transfer the odd-space by displacement, now the cupboards next to it are all weird too.
The lazy-3/4susans are popular with all our neighbors, but still have corner voids and you lose the stackability. I like the magic-corner thing with the shelf-on-door and slider-shelves behind.
The Lee Valley one seems the best price and not tied to cabinet makers - D.W. check it out.