Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, No

I pick on local media a lot and more so the more prominent it is. I'm often critical of them (or, more usually, some aspect or slant of the story they've covered), but I don't wish them ill. The paper is the biggest source of blog posts for a number of reasons but local TV stations get their share. One I've linked to for a number of stories over the years is WTHR.

That station lost Jim Tellus, their General Manager yesterday. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. He wasn't especially old and he was one of those people you never heard anything bad about; a guy who, by all accounts, did his job well and ran a profitable business while being decent to those around him. In the highly-competitive world of broadcast media, where stations and channels struggle for slices of a steadily-shrinking pie, such people are rare. My condolences to his family and his employees.

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Ted said...

Mine as well. Prayers going out to him and his family.