Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh, Yeah?

Tam joins the general shark-jumped mockery of mainstreaming tattoos (link on through to the photo and comments at Robb's!) and comments, "I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't look retarded on an old lady, plus I'm allergic to pain, so I skipped the whole tattoo thing."

Oh? How about a simple one reading, "I went to a tattoo parlor and all I got was this ink," then? :)

(N.B.: I am myself uninked, though I'd consider a telegraph key with a banner reading "ZUT"...maybe. Or not. Yeah, I think I'd chicken out)
*ZUT means "CW Forever!" ["CW" referring to radiotelegraphy]

"The Z-code was widely used by the military on both CW, RTTY and land-line TTY circuits. The U.S. Coast Guard radiomen (a rating that no longer exists in the USCG) were a tight-knit group (the entire USCG itself has fewer members than the NYPD has police officers, BTW), and with the demise of [radiotelegraph] code in the Guard, ZUT was adopted as the unofficial Z-code signal for those who loved CW."


Crucis said...

Roberta, I'm not into self-mutilation either.

(Except for that black spot on my leg where Sharon P stabbed me in the leg with a #2HB pencil in the 4th grade. I wasn't given a choice then.)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, but that wasn't self mutilation, was it? :)

Old Grouch said...

"telegraph key"

Cathode follower?

Monoscope indian?

Stranger said...

Well, I have not heard the old test pattern called a monoscope since - 1956? Brings back memories - of 630 chassis, magnifiers, and home brew sets with surplus P7 and P13 phosphor radar tube CRT's behind a magnifier.

Dagmar was right interesting - in bright blue. Or green.

--... ...--


Roberta X said...

O.G.: Cathode follower, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I know what my next one will look like, but it means a fair bit of travel to see the prototype in person, and the design of it is intensely personal and in all probability unique.


og said...

Monoscope Indians make excellent sighting-in targets.

I never had any image that appealed to me enough to want it attached to me. Though lately I've been thinking about the muzzle of a largebore double...

Crucis said...

Nathan, no but it could be argued as having a tattoo. Sadly, my usually bright daughter just got a small one on the top of her foot a couple of months ago. She'll be 35 in April so I'm thinking it was a mid-30s aberration.